About Us

As long as we can both remember we have always had a passion for travel, from going on that first international flight, the feeling of anticipation & excitement of the unknown & the adventure that awaits. From the moment you arrive the feeling of a new place, the sights, sounds, smells its intoxicating and it never gets old. 

We both started our careers in Flight Centre, working our way from novice consultants learning and climbing the ranks early in our 20’s to reaching positions in Corporate Travel and Retail Management.  Partnering up in business was a decision made from years of working together and knowing each others strengths and weaknesses. 

We pride ourselves on our client relationships, many whom have been with us for years and have referred many family and friends along the way.  As they say the greatest compliment a Travel Agent can get is a referral. 

We look to being part of your next travel adventure.

Em & Colleen xo